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Niall Glen

My fascination with the game began in traditional Scottish fashion as a youngster thrashing away with a cut down set of my father's mismatched clubs at the local golf course.  It was not until much later, (and after trying almost every sport on offer,) that I realised it was golf that held my interest the most and from that moment onwards it was inevitable that some sort of a career in golf would follow.

An MSc in Golf Course Architecture followed at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh where this interest was confirmed and shortly afterwards a career in the golf design industry was launched. 

Being brought up on the West Coast of Scotland, the majority of my early years were spent on the many famous links courses that characterise the Ayrshire coast.  I was inadvertently beginning to develop my design ideals from an early age.  After completing my education I returned to the Ayrshire coast and spent some considerable time examining these courses in detail and with a more critical eye.  Armed with my new skills I found that as a prospective designer these golf courses made perfect sense to me. I inherently understood the subtleties of the linksland, its classic strategic design and all its nuances as if I had been studying it all my life.

Driven by a desire to fast track my career and experience new and exciting challenges my first professional appointment was as a design associate with Harradine Golf in the Middle East.  Based in Dubai during the boom years of 2003 - 2006 I unwittingly dived straight in at the deep end. I was fortunate to be exposed to virtually every golf related project that was launched in and around the Middle East during this period as well as travelling to many European and Asian countries for other projects.

In 2006 I felt it necessary to experience work in different locations and took up an opportunity to become a senior designer with DMK Golf Design back in the U.K. It was a logical progression as David Kidd had been systematically travelling the globe picking up the most prestigious projects and as a young designer this was too good an opportunity to pass up.

With these vast and varied experiences to draw on Glen Golf Design was launched in early 2009.



Our Approach

"Dedicating time to due diligence and implementing a, 'no-stone-unturned' approach in the planning and design stage is the best way to avoid expensive errors in the field."

Golf Design Services

Every project is unique, has specific constraints and opportunities and a different organisational structure. GGD offers a full range of services but will tailor these services to the exact needs of your project.

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