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Our aim is simple. On every project we work on we take account of the unique and varied constraints of the site and design the most stimulating and visually striking golf course that can be built in that particular location.  We want the golf courses we design to blend as seamlessly as possible into their natural surroundings whilst placing a premium on creating excitement through the implementation of classic strategic design with a touch of modern flair.

golf club and golf ballWe steadfastly believe that the design of a golf course must not solely be a desktop exercise. To achieve the best results and maximize the potential of each site the process must remain organic and the architect must spend considerable time working closely with the site team to craft in the ground what cannot be seen on 2 dimensional plans.

The following are a few key checklist items that form the basis of our design principles:

The landscape must be believable

Drawing inspiration from the surrounding terrain is the best way to evaluate whether the landscape of a golf course looks right.  When designing golf courses one must always place emphasis on obtaining the correct scale for each site.  This involves examining the prevalent landforms surrounding the site and continuing similar shapes and scale throughout the golf course design.

The golfer craves challenge and deserves excitement

Perhaps it was low construction budgets or a trend towards the perception of an easily maintainable, perfectly manicured golf course, but somewhere along the line less emphasis was given to random shapes and strategic design.  Developers considered that simply building a golf course was a 'sure-fire' money spinner regardless of the design or build quality.

With a market now saturated by featureless golf courses it is easy to see why the old established golf courses with bold designs, quirky features and mature aesthetics have stood the test of time. Golf is inherently an unfair game and no matter how perfect the surfaces are golfers have a funny habit of finding something else to blame but themselves! Golfers will always lament an “unfair” bounce but if faced with more excitement and challenge ahead they will quickly forget the injustice.

We believe it is these older courses that are setting a precedent for future golf development.  Until very recently it was accepted that in order to make a golf course maintenance friendly every shape had to be softened to accommodate a ride-on mower but with rapidly falling membership numbers it is clear that golfer’s are voting with their feet.  That the new breed of golfer with all his fancy equipment, gadgets and flashy clothes prefers the old links courses to softly rolling manicured fairways will gratify the classic golf course designers even if some of their choice of golfing attire would make them turn in their grave!

Sustainable Golf

Sustainability has been an overused 'buzz word' for a while now but we would rather say that our goal is to take account of constraints and opportunities and develop golf courses that are environmentally and economically sound. Gone are the days of cheap water sources and vast acreage of cut and prepared.  With increasing land and water costs, pressure from planning authorities and strict environmental constraints the pressure is on the architect to consider these constraints yet provide a facility that challenges and excites. Creating a maintenance friendly golf course that ticks the boxes for sustainability may not be sustainable at all if no-one wants to play it.



Our Approach

"Dedicating time to due diligence and implementing a, 'no-stone-unturned' approach in the planning and design stage is the best way to avoid expensive errors in the field."

Golf Design Services

Every project is unique, has specific constraints and opportunities and a different organisational structure. GGD offers a full range of services but will tailor these services to the exact needs of your project.

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