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Our Approach

We do not to adopt a rigid structure for carrying out design work as every project is unique with different objectives and requirements. The structure for any project must be carefully considered and tailored to match the site, related facilities and budget that is available.

Each project does, however, need a solid technical platform and accurate plans to assist in defining the vision for the project, the theme of the golf design and the ability to accurately quantify this design.

Establishing an accurate budget and project timeline are essential components of a successful project and we do not underestimate the importance of this employing the latest software programmes to enable us to calculate accurate quantities and produce professional plans.  We provide all our clients with a complete set of drawings and documents for tender purposes.

Dedicating time to due diligence and implementing a, ‘no stone unturned,’ approach in the planning and design stage is the best way to avoid costly mistakes in the field and misunderstandings with contractors.

Despite the different project set ups, one thing that has always and will always remain the same is the amount of time we spend on site to realize our vision.

Our success and reputation is built on our dedicated 'hands-on' approach during the whole process but particularly once construction is underway.  This is the only way to ensure that the contractors and shaping team understand the vision and together we can realize a projects potential.

The following is the rough process that will be implemented:

rendered golf course master planStage 1:

golf course sketch bookStage 2:

preparation of golf course documentsStage 3:

golf course constructionStage 4:




Our Approach

"Dedicating time to due diligence and implementing a, 'no-stone-unturned' approach in the planning and design stage is the best way to avoid expensive errors in the field."

Golf Design Services

Every project is unique, has specific constraints and opportunities and a different organisational structure. GGD offers a full range of services but will tailor these services to the exact needs of your project.

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